10 Abayas & Hijab Colection from Abeer Al Suwaidi at Bysymphony


Abayas & Hijab Colection -10Abeer Al Suwaidi Abaya UAE designer is best known for its trend-setting, built to transform traditional & contemporary works of art.

Using it as a canvas to express their creativity – When I started designing Abeer Abayas gripping the cultural symbolic clothing that can make a powerful fashion statement was during his stay true to its roots. Irritating to search the “other” in Abayas, While everything else has changed or evolved, Abayas in the world realized that remains unchanged.

Abayas & Hijab Colection

Among its trend-setting innovations, introduced himself to the world lean Abaya shown in…

Abayas made with corsets and cotton, elastic and knotted fabrics. It has a bright color, Lose, epaulettes and belts Abaya also included…. See blow Gallery