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12 Week Ultra Sound

The pregnancy period is the series of master piece manufacturing of nature and occurs in such a harmony and coordination as a whole that makes the surprise in human wisdom. The 12th week is the end of first trimester and now the risk of miscarriage is dropped. Any disturbance in the development will become apparent by the ultrasound reports. 

However the following developmental changes to be noticed in 12 weeks pregnancy:

  1. The size of the fetus is ½ ounce and the length is 2 ½ inches. It is not enough to be noticed in mother’s maternity clothes.
  2. At the end of the 12 week the fetus have all the limbs developed as arms, legs with toe nails, have internal system also developed, heart beats, the genitals are also developed.
  3. The head is about the half of the baby size noticed.
  4. The body features take their normal position as the ears gain the normal location. The eyes come closer to each other.
  5. The bones and muscles are starting to develop.
  6. Finger nails also being to develop at this stage.
  7. The arms are longer then the legs, the hands are more prominent then the feet.
  8. Twenty buds are seen at the place of teeth.
  9. All the internal parts are now to take their position and in developing phase. All these are not fully developed.
  10. The kidney starts to work at this stage.
  11. The fetus now can suck the thumb.
  12. The closed fists are seen during this particular gestated bliss.
  13. The genital are though developed but can not be prominent and not clearly visible at this trimester. They become clear to specify the gender at the end of 2nd trimester.


Each baby has different developmental rate so the feature at this stage are only the rough guideline in baby growth. It’s only the outline of this phase of fetus.

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