25 Fall Skin Care Tips


Your skin demands extra care during the Fall Season. By following few skin care tips you can keep your skin healthy and fresh throughout the season. Few tips are given below:

Do not miss the regular skin care; cleansing, toning, and exfoliation.
Make use of a homemade facial cleanser or a face wash that contains alpha hydroxyl acid. Alpha hydroxide acid refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. Ensure using it only once a day.
Exfoliate your face at least once in a week using a homemade exfoliating pack.
Dab garlic paste on the acne skin for fifteen minutes to prevent acne issues. Then after wash it using tepid water.

Avoid over moisturizing the skin

Dry the entire body meticulously with a clean and soft towel after taking shower.
Avoid rubbing the skin vigorously while drying.
Do not use extra makeup; use only if it’s very necessary.
Ensure using water-proof makeup products.
Use non-water based moisturizing lotion to avoid the effect of cream dilution in the mizzle.
Let the body skin breathe generously. Treat it with fresh fruit pack once in three days.
Don’t forget to apply any quality sunscreen for 20 minutes before going outstation.
It is advised by most the beauty experts to make use of light and subtle makeup shades during fall season.
Prefer wearing cotton or chiffon dresses during fall because they dry up quickly. It’s wise not using denims in weather of rains.
Try keeping your dress and body absolutely dry because undue moisture can result in fungal infection.
After talking bath, put on talcum powder on the feet and skin fold. It will help keeping your skin dry.
Use the homemade scrub for keeping the skin dry. For preparing a scrub mix 1 tsp. each of roe water, rice flour and sandalwood powder and cucumber juice together. Dab it on face and neck and let if dry up naturally. After it dries up, rinse it off with normal use water.
Avoid sporting socks and closed shoes. They will leave and unpleasant smell in the feet as they keep the feet moist.

Sport comfy footwear instead of high heels

Get a pedicure once in fortnight to remove the dead skin from the feet.
Don’t eat fried food as they make the skin more prone to pimple eruption.
Drinking tepid water during fall season is also helpful in keeping the skin healthy.
Take vitamin C rich foods. Vitamin C makes the body more immune towards skin infections.
Include dry fruits i.e. figs and almonds in your everyday diet. They help in strengthening the body and making it resistant.
Take bath with hot water just before going to sleep.