3 Most Effective Homemade Exfoliating Scrubs


Exfoliation is an essential step towards keeping the skin healthy and glowing. This process assists you maintain the health of skin by cleansing the pores as well as removing the dead skin cells. If you are suffering through the problem of clogged pores, you can get a relief by regular skin exfoliation. Furthermore, exfoliating process is helpful in for diminishing hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Though the cosmetic companies introduce a number of exfoliating scrubs for all skin types but many people prefer homemade scrubs. The main advantage of homemade scrubs is that they contain natural ingredients which are 100% safe to use. You can make a natural exfoliating scrub at your home in very limited budget. The main component used in the homemade scrubs is brown sugar. The humectant properties of brown sugar help your skin adsorbs moisture from the air. Following are some easy and simple recipes of homemade exfoliating scrubs.

Homemade Exfoliating Scrubs

• An effective and budget-friendly natural face scrub can be prepared by combining wheat germ oil, cornmeal and oatmeal. Mix the same amount of these ingredients in a medium size bowl and then add an adequate amount of water to form a paste. Gently rub this paste on your face and neck and leave it for at least ten minutes. Wash your skin using a good quality face cleanser.

• Take 1 cup of brown sugar, 8 drops of grapefruit essential oil, 1 cup of liquid castile soap and1 cup of jojoba oil. Mix all ingredients very well and use this mixture to exfoliate your skin. Allow this scrub stay on your skin for 10-15 minutes before wash it off. This homemade exfoliating scrub works amazingly to make your skin fresh-looking, soft and supple.

• One of the best homemade exfoliating scrubs contains ground oatmeal, honey and brown sugar. Mix all constituents properly, apply this combination on your skin for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off. This body scrub is best for the people who have sensitive skin.