33 Ways to Make your Eyes Look Bigger…


From hiding up any imperfection in the eye area perfectly to lengthening and thickening lashes, we have pulled together expert tips on how to liven up exhausted eyes and make them look bigger.

Stencil the brows

Before you start tweezing your eyebrows, outline all the unwanted strays which you want to remove with the help of a beige pencil. This is an amazing trick to take the guesswork out of grooming plus prevent over-plucking.

33 Ways to Make your Eyes Look Bigger...

Lash out

Mascara is your best friend when it comes to add length or volume to the lashes. To make your lashes extra lush and long, start off by holding the tip of your mascara brush and put the product directly onto the ends of those lashes using gentle, upwards strokes. For added volume, hang on for a while and keep on adding mascara to the base of the lashes working your way from right to left. The results will leave you with fully coated super-lush and thicker lashes.

Twin peaks

Making use of two different eyeshadow nuances from the same color family instantly gives dimensions to your lids, making your eyes bigger and brighter.

Pop It and Lock It

Concentration of pigment at the middle of the lash-lines is another excellent way to appear doe-eyed beauty. Put on a thick line across the upper lash line and fade it to the sides, concentrating the color on the highest and lowest points so as to accentuate the widest section of the eye.

Try blues

Resort to the blue-toned eyeliners; the cooler hues will create a brightening effect for your eye whites.

Go for Seconds

Slapping two coats of mascara to the upper lashes gives instant lift to your down turned eyes and hence makes them look opener. A wand with angled bristles is best for this purpose as it can catch every strand.

Curl it wisely

While curling those lashes, start at the root and palpitate the curler thrice light-handedly. Thereafter, move the curling tool halfway of your eye lashes and repeat the step. This will give you crimp-free, natural curls.

Follow the crease

To maximize the natural contour of your eye, follow the crease exactly while applying line. Don’t extend the line further than the crease.

Apply a top coat

Follow the mascara product up with a dermatologist-tested top coat. This adds high gloss factor to your lashes while making them seem inky black.

Color wheel

Generally, shades of pink and gold work great for those having brown eyes. Warmer sandy tones complement green eyes perfectly while the blues work equally well for virtually all eye colors.

Curl those lashes

It’s something everyone knows; but a very few resort to the curlers daily.

Try kohl pencil

If all other eyeliner formulas give you tough time while blending, give soft, kohl pencil a shot. When in doubt, feather the color towards the crease using a Q-Tip. This will work to put emphasis on the hood of your eye.

Lighten up

This eye makeup tip is especially for all the eye-glass wearers out there! It suggests you to value light shades onto the lids so as to boast about your natural eye shape.

Try brighter shades

If you think Smokey eye effect tends to make your peepers appear smaller, play around with brighter shades to achieve an overstated look without the grumpy side effects.

Experiment with peach, pink

This eye makeup tip for making your eyes bigger is all about using peach or pink concealer, in place of yellowish, to conceal ugly-looking dark rings. The orange undertones work better to mask up blue tones.

Invest in a premium curler

Get a quality eyelash curler. The extra wadding and gentle hinge-technology will make the inadvertent breakage of any hair follicles quite hard.

Swoop for coverage

After using under eye concealer, buff out any blobs with the help of a makeup sponge. To make the application streak free, blend the product outward towards the temples in order catch any spun out foundation traces.

Beam some light

Dare to wear a light and illuminating highlighter to open up your eyes. Use the pigment along the inside corner of the eyes as well as the contour of your browbone to get the desired offshoots.

Mind the line

Always try to make sure that you concentrate most of the pigment and product close to the lash line. This will help enhancing the size of your eyes by creating shape and structure.

Resort to crème eyeshadow

The trick to prevent the flaky lids during winter months is to value crème eyeshadow. Creamy formulas are proportionally less likely to crease than the powdery one. Moreover, it lets you skip the step of lid-preparation to ensure staying power.

Go ombre

Another excellent and highly effective eye-opening trick is to use a light colored eyeshadow on the base of the lid and a darker one in the crease area.

Go innate

One more trick to make your eyes actually pop out is add pearl eyeliner to all along the inner corner of your eyes. Illuminating the area around the eyes, this will really pop out your peepers. Just make sure to settle on a beige pencil instead of white since it looks more innate.

Blend away

While applying eyeshadow in the crease area, blend it up towards the brow bone. This illuminates the contour of your profile which ultimately creates the delusion of opener eyes.

Try falsies

Give falsies a shot! They can add interest and drama to your eye makeup look.

Groom the brows

Keep your eyebrows well groomed. The eyebrows are considered frame of your face and neatly arched brows can make your features really stand out. So, pull out the strays regularly to keep the shape clean; it will also make your eye look bigger.

Try warm hues

For added impact, apply a little amount of any warm-toned eyeshade all along your bottom lashes. This underscores the entire contour of your eyes.

Powder up

Shade your natural eye-curve with a pressed powder a bit darker than your natural coloring. This trick creates the illusion of larger eyes without slapping too much makeup. Additionally, it also looks good in snapshots.

Dot the line

Dotting liquid liner in-between the lashes after you’re done with mascara application works to fill in the sparse spots and facilitates elongation of your eye line.

Power of gel

Using soft pops of color make your eyes the focus of attention. Gel eyeliners in navy, purple, violet or green are best for this purpose ass they can be easily smudged into the eye crease after application.

Stay with liquids

Instead of cream-based formulas always try to use liquid concealer for concealing any imperfection in the under-eye area. Liquid formulas don’t tend to settle into the creases and lines like their crème counterparts.

Fill in brows

Keeping the eyebrows thicker and fuller is also an effectual way to become a wide-eyed sans. If your brows are thin and sparse, simply fill the bare spots in with the help of an eyebrow pencil before stepping out.

The lower line

Contouring the bottom lid with a glittery eyeshadow is one more super-easy trick to enlarge the eyes. However, it is highly recommended to stay away from the darker hues for the daytime look.

Emphasize pouts

And last but certainly not the least, donning bolder lip color while keeping the eyes makeup free can also deliver effect of bigger eyes. Just make sure to even out the eye-area complexion with a color-correcting concealer beforehand.