4 Common Things That are Ruining Your Skin

4 Common Things That are Ruining Your Skin
Use of excessive make up products also ruins the natural beauty of the skin.

4 Common Things That Are Ruining Your Skin – Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It is the bridge between the inner and outer of the body. What we in take are reflected by the health of our skin but at the same time what we face from our environment also effect greatly to our skin.


Now without any delay start to protect your skin from the following ruining factors:


SUN EXPOSURE: Sun rays are the environmental factor which damages our skin, Wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and blemish areas of skin are the gifts of UV rays. Tanning of the skin with sun rays is also a factor for receiving these skin damaging problems. Use sun screen lotions or sun blocks with SP-30 while going outside or even when you are under the heat exposure environment.


SMOKING: Formation of wrinkles, premature appearance of fine lines, dried skin and lack luster skin is due to smoking. It causes the skin sucking and squinting near the mouth or eye wrinkles.


DRINK LESS: If you are not hydrating your body you will loose the vitality of the skin. By the use of lot of water keep the cells of skin turgid and plump otherwise your skin get dry and prone to formation of wrinkles and skin thinning occurs.

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MAKEUP: Use of excessive make up products also ruins the natural beauty of the skin. All these products contain harsh chemicals in them which damage the skin texture and skin lost its original glow and beauty.


IMPROPER CLEANSING: If skin is not properly looked after especially if you sleep with your make up it will causes the skin pores to clog and create different infection of skin. The residues of make up at your pillow also irritate your skin problems.


DIETING: While you are trying to skip your pounds and start to do dieting, be sure that the essential elements are not missed from your diet. Use vitamin C, B3, E and A in your diet as these maintain the glow of the skin.


LONG SHOWER: While many of us are in habit of taking long hot shower it disturbs the upper epidermis of the skin and it become dry. The hot shower also takes the moisture of the skin away. While taking hot shower keep in mind that the  oils of the skin remain lock inside the skin.


EXCESSIVE USE OF SALTS: If you like the salty food stuffs then keep in mind that these reduce the moisture content of the skin and skin become dry and dull. So avoid all salty treats and invest on taking moisturizers.