4 Food Swaps to Lose Belly Fat


4 Food Swaps to Lose Belly Fat4 Food Swaps to Lose Belly Fat ; There are so many foods that we should not eat, although we do eat them and still complain that we are not losing fat or we are not getting shaped, and for all those who thing that they are not eating bad, but still we are not losing fat or we are not getting lean or slimmer, here are some foods that they should change with healthier food.

  1. Swap Caffeine For Green Tea: We have become of drinking caffeine now and we cannot skip that from our day to day life, but that does not mean that we cannot pick the healthier options, you can always swap green tea for your regular coffee or tea which is not only very healthy and magical for weight loss, but it is very good for our immune system and our neuron system.it is very good to release the water retention that make us look heavier and fatter and it is very good for bloating too and if you keep using one cup of green tea with lime and honey then it not only keep you healthy and fit, it make your eyesight stronger too.
  2. Swap White For Brown: As I told you earlier, if you want to live a healthy and happy light body life, then you are not allow to eat any white, I bet you would be thinking about all the things that are white and yess, they all are banded for you, no sugar, milk, butter, banana but if you think that white flour is fine and white bread is fine then you are wrong, stop eating processed flour instead, start eating whole wheat, it is not only very healthy for your body and for your system, it is very good for your weight loss too, and it is very good for belly fat too, Scientists believe this is because whole grains don’t cause the blood sugar spikes after eating that refined grains trigger , it only means that when we eat whole grain it not only keep us feel fuller, keep the system running and the insulin levels remain lower and it reduce the size of fat cells in the abdominal area and we get low belly fat eventually , so say yess to brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole grain bread, whole wheat tortillas and so on and on.4 Food Swaps to Lose Belly Fat
  3. Swap Unhealthy Snacks For Nuts & Seeds: As I told you earlier that the 6 meals a day is the best diet plan ever, no matter what, if you eat after every third hour then you are keeping your metabolism the busiest the possible and for that I normally recommend eating three smallest meals possible with two moderate servings of a mixture of fruits and vegetables and with that one hand full mix nuts, I normally buy the KG packs of different nuts and mix all of them in a big air tight jar and take one hand full of that mix nuts with me to keep eating throughout the day, but always pick non salty and nonfat or roasted nuts, I know they don’t taste much, but they are healthier and good for your body and your healthy lifestyle.
  4. Swap Unhealthy Dessert For Greek Yogurt: Stop eating all kind of sweet and unhealthy desert, I know that you like them and you want to eat them, but they are not good for your body and they are not healthy, chocolates, ice creams cakes and baked cookies and other unhealthy deserts not only sabotage your night sleep, but make and keep you fatty too, although one cup of green organic yogurt with few slices of fruits and some nuts on the top look and taste yummy.



Best of luck, I hope that you would consider these changing.