4 Foods For Glowing Skin


Foods For Glowing SkinWe are what we eat, and it is 100% true, if you eat healthy food then you actually solve 98% issues of your life, you will get beautiful skin, healthy hair and shiny eyes and perfect body with tremendous energy in that perfect body too, but if you eat junk food then the first thing that you will notice even before your unhealthy and unshaped body, would be your pimples, open pores, oily hair and greasy scalp and lots of hair on your pillow and in your showers.
yeesss! Junk will convert you in a junk within a month, whereas good and healthy balanced diet will take few weeks to show you the real and permanent results and today we are going to give you a list of food that will make your skin good for sure and if pick a perfect way to eat them too then you will get beautiful eyes, lips, teeth and body too and you will see a perfect body system too which will help you get a happy and active successful life eventually.

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Foods To Get Beautiful Skin.

  1. Yogurt! I Love Yogurt not only cause it is the yummiest way to eat healthy proteins, but cause it feels so good in my mouth. you need and you should to eat yogurt on daily basis to get beautiful skin and healthy immune and digestive system, you can starting a day with a high-protein low-fat yogurt to get the excellent amount of protein, calcium and selenium and they all very essential to build glowing and healthy skin from inside out an the lactic acid of yogurt keep the skin shiny and remove the dead skin cells too which is very important to get healthier new skin cells and when you apply it externally it not only moisturize the skin, but clean it perfectly and in all layers of skin, yogurt not only keep your skin moisturizer and protected, it helps the vitamin D to reach up to the skin and it provide all the healthy and required vitamins and minerals and antioxidant to the skin.
  2. Orange! Orange is one of the best source of Vitamin C and that make it one if the very essential for beautiful skin, just add three cups of orange juice a day and that will not only keep your immune system strong and healthy, but it will keep your skin nourished and soft and if you use it externally then you can treat almost all kind of skin issues too including aging and sun damage, Orange is a strong antioxidant too which means it not only flush out all the toxics, but it helps in the production of collagen and slow down the skin aging process too and reduce the chances of dry skin, dark patches and wrinkles and you can use orange peel to exfoliate your skin on regular basis too.
  3. Almond! I would say normally all and healthy nuts and specially almonds is the best nut that you can eat for beautiful healthy skin, if you are not eating it with unhealthy food then it is best source of minerals and vitamin, it is a very healthy source of vitamin E, I would say that just 12 almonds provide you the 150% of our daily need of Vitamin E, what else do you want to know about it? It is very good antioxidant that not only protects the skin from detrimental UV rays, but it help you get the right amount of collagen too and at the same time it provide the healthy moisturizer to the skin from inside out, I would suggest you to carry one hand full mix nuts with you all the time and keep munching on nuts to get all the healthy benefits.
  4. Linseed! Flaxseed & Sesame Seeds: If you are a female and if you want to look beautiful and younger than your age then these three seeds are your new BFFS. they are loaded with omega 3’s and I can tell you that you need good fats and omega3 fatty acids more than your aging skin lotions, it is the best source of all the healthy and good fats and proteins specially for vegetarians who never consume fishes and other meats and it is not only very good for your system, it is very excellent source of skin-softening essential fatty acids: omega-3 and omega-6 too, you can start by adding one teaspoon in your yogurt and you can use three during a day safely With these magical foods you can add all the healthy bright colored fruits and vegetables to get exactly skin naturally.