4 Steps To Perfect Bold Lips


bold lips tutorial,bold lips tumblr,bold lips 2012,bold lips trend,bold lips makeup-I personally love dramatic lipstick and I personally think that it take a lot of courage and boldness to carry bold and dramatic looks, I personally think it look so cute and sex and it convey a very strong and dramatic impressing too, I love red lipstick and I have always loved it and I always wanted to carry that look proudly as I was born with very fair and smooth pinkish fair complexion and I love to try blush red lipstick, but the issue is the color smudges and bleeds so quickly and it take ages to fix it, but then I saw some of my best friends with that shade and they actually manage to carry the look for whole evening and days and today I am sharing some tips I got from those super bold girls to you.

bold lips tutorial,bold lips tumblr,bold lips 2012,bold lips trend,bold lips makeup

  1. First of all you need to apply lots of lip balm or petroleum jelly or Vaseline on your lips for 5 minutes and then rub it off with wet smooth towel and exfoliate your lips with lime and sugar a bit, it will help you get a perfect lips throughout the day without getting smudgy and bleeding lips.
  2. Now when you are down with your lips you will dip a concealer brush into your foundation and outline your lips, and rub it all around your lips from one corner to another and it will not only give your lips a sexy outline, but will prevent color from bleeding too.
  3. Now you need to take a lip pencil of similar shade of your lips, it is very important, never match that pencil with your lipstick, match it with your lips and you need to fill your lips completely with that pencil, but you need to keep the real shape of your lips in your mind, don’t try to exaggerate or change the look of your lips with that, you just need to give your lips a base with that, don’t use long storks, instead take short, feathery strokes around the edges of your mouth and sooth down any harsh line with your finger.
  4. Now take a thin lipstick brush and take lipstick directly from the tube and apply on your lops, if you want to get a bold look then make your lips beautiful without giving them fake lines, instead accept what you have and apply the moderate pigment on your lips and pay attention on the smoothness and storks and resist the urge to rub your lips together afterward, which causes color to bleed, instead if you really have to use something to spread your lips shade then use your small finger and spread the lipstick all over your lips and it not only make your lips look bright, but it will make your lips look moisturized and fresh throughout the day too.