4 Ways To Prep Your Skin For Winter


4 Ways To Prep Your Skin For WinterSummers have said adieu and winters are finally here. While many people love the winter season a lot and refer it as the ideal season, it isn’t ideal for our skin. Dry, cold air, freezing temperature, hot water showers and indoor heat take toll on our skin and leave it excessively dry. To avoid such condition, you have to amend your skincare and diet routine accordingly. Here are some helpful tips to prep your skin for harsh winters.

Switch on your Products

In the lead up to winter, consider switching-up your skincare products. Get hydrating body washes, face cleansers and bath gels that can cleanse your skin without leaving it dehydrated. Switch from lightweight moisturizing lotion to a rich, oil based moisturizing cream. Moisturize your skin immediately after taking shower; this will not only create a barrier against the elements but will also lock the moisture in your skin and thus will prevent dehydration.

Stay Hydrated and Moisturized

Dry and harsh winter season brings along several skincare issues like dry and chapped skin and itching. The condition, however, can be easily prevented if you keep it well-hydrated and properly moisturized. Make it a point to treat your skin with a rich moisturizer at least thrice a day. Moreover, eat food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. A fatty-acids-enriched food helps increase natural oils in your skin and hence plays part in preventing skin dryness.

Avoid Hot Showers

While hot showers tend to make you feel good for the time being, but actually they can wreak havoc on your skin. Long, hot showers rob essential moisture from your ski, leaving it dried out and irritated. So, make sure to avoid hot, prolonged baths all through the winter season.

Use Sunscreen

Contrary to the common belief, sunscreen is equally important in winter as it is in summers. While you’re less exposed to the sun during winter and the lights are not as intense as they are in summertime but it doesn’t mean that you can slack off on the sun protection. Apply and reapply sunscreen several times a day to keep sun from damaging your skin.