5 Beauty Mistakes Women Over 40 Make


There are few things that a woman should stop doing as women get older, no matter how magical it use to look in her younger age, but it is very difficult to see the line of old age as we see our face every day, so, sometime it feel absolutely impossible to see that now we are losing the charm of our age and now we need to use beauty tricks that would work for us, and today we are going to share some tricks that no longer work in your old age and you need to avoid them, even if you like them or you think that they look good on your.

First think that you need to understate is the look that works for us in our 20?s and 30?s just doesn’t go with our old age like in our 40?s this is a reality and you have to and you got to understand that at any coast, you want to look your best even in your 40s then you need to avoid these simple beauty mistakes that normally woman make in their 40s.

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1. Hair Color: You get grays normally in your 30s and then you start dying your hair with one shade and this is a very great way to cover the gray, but don’t overdo it, if you would get a darker shade that would make you look like you are trying to look younger, you need to understand that you get younger look with fun, add the fun part in your personality, use beautiful shades with highlights instead of one too darker or too lighter will ruin your look, so get trendy shades with high lights.

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2. Hair Style: Have you seen Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez, do you know that they both share the same age grope, but do they look like they are 44 years old? I guess J lo looks way older than J S, what is the reason? She keeps experimenting with her hair style and she keeps them in between her chin and shoulder which look so sexy on J S, the point is, you need to add new looks to get fresher and younger impression, find a best profession solon and rely on them and they would tell you which hairdo would be best for your look, but you can follow your instinct too.

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3. Makeup: I know that in your 20s and 30s you use to use bright and radiant mat lipsticks with shiny glitter on it, it was a very beautiful trend then and use to look good to, but not any longer, as we age, our skin gets dry, dull and we get lots of pigmentation, so you need to apply makeup according to your current requirements, now you need more coverage with the moisturizing agent too and you need to use natural looking shades to get fresher look, so pick things that would make your look good, instead of a cosmetic blunder.

Exfoliate and Moisturize

4. Exfoliate and Moisturize: Now we are sharing a very huge mistake that our old woman make, they think that now they are old and their hormones are working fine so they would not get pimple so don’t need to scrub off the oil and dead cells, this is wrong, you need to maintain a very healthy and good beauty routine, cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing is very important for your skin no matter how old are you.

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5. Dress For Your Body: I would seriously recommend you to maintain a healthy and balanced weight in your 30s, you need to get your ideal weight and then maintain it and always buy a dress for your body, never ever pick something which show that you are either too fat or too lean and keep your age and your body style in your mind before your buy something.

Be happy and enjoy getting wiser and smarter.