5 Things That Damage Your Skin

5 Things That Damage Your Skin
5 Things That Damage Your Skin

All of us love to have a soft and smooth skin and we do every possible thing to get the desired complexion. But sometimes the effects are against out expectations. The matter is that we unintentionally damage our skin by the mean of some of our habits that prove very harmful for our skin. It may be quite shocking for you to know that use of mobile phones, hot showers and a few other things are very destructive for your skin. Let’s discuss all of these factors in detail.

Things That Damage Your Skin

Mobile phones: Perhaps you have never thought about it earlier, but your mobile contains many germs and dust over it. When it comes in contact with your ear and face, all the possible germs, dust and infection causing bacteria turn out on your skin. So, to avoid such situation it is advised to clean your cell with an antibacterial wipe every time you put it on any surface.

Pillow cases:

Though everyone knows it, but even then let me remind you that are sure to wash your pillow cases regularly. When not washed regularly, your dead skin cells are accumulated on the pillow cases. Your skin rejuvenate itself when you sleep; old cells are removed and new ones are formed. All the old cells are accumulated on the pillow covers. To minimize it, exfoliate your skin two or three times in seven days to purge all the dead and dry skin cells and also wash you pillow cases with hot water regularly.

Hot showers:

Though having a hot shower bath after a long hectic day is nothing less than a pleasure, but you should know that heat can wreak havoc on your skin pores. Hot water robs natural oils from the skin and destroy shielding barrier which protects your skin from harsh outer environment. As a result your skin turns dry and itchy. To prevent this, take short term, cool water showers.

Chewing gum:

Like all other things, chewing gum too has pros and cons. The plus point of chewing gum is that it removes traces of food from your mouth, giving you a fresh breath. The shortcoming is that it leads to the formation of wrinkles around your mouth. The reason behind is that while chewing the gum same muscle motion is repeated again and again. As a result of this over-activity of the muscles, the support tissue breaks down and skin loses it elasticity.

Puckering Up:

Puckering up is another unhealthy habit that contributes to wrinkle formation. So, it is advised to use glass to drink any liquid to have youthful skin for long.