5 Tips To Silky Soft Feet


Soft and smooth feet always look desirable, especially when you wear open footwear. Feet are arguably the most functional part of our body and they deserve extra care and attention. Regular exfoliation and moisturizing keep the foot skin soft and smooth by purging all the dry and dead skin. Moreover, both these steps also help preventing the cracked feet and heels.

Besides exfoliation and moisturizing, there are many other ways as well that prevent skin cracking and dryness. To know which these other ways are, read the full articles.

5 Tips To Silky Soft Feet

Soak and Exfoliate

Immersing your feet in tepid soapy water for virtually ten minutes will soften up the crackled and dry feet thus make it easy to purge the dead skin. While the skin is soft enough, scrub the heels, soles and toes with a pumice stone to remove dead cells. The skin will become even softer and smoother after this step. Scrub each foot for at least two minutes concentrating on the zones where the skin is coarse and dry. Do not scrub aggressively since this way you will tear and irritate you skin.


After cleansing and exfoliating, moisturize you feet with a thick moisturizer or your regular foot cream and get your feet into a pair of cotton socks. The ideal time for this procedure is just before bed time. If you want, you can use vegetable oil rather than moisturizing cream.

Opt for Comfortable Footwear

Choosing comfortable footwear can help you prevent the cracked heels and feet or at least eliminate the odds of having them. You can choose comfortable and wearable heels as well. The shoes have to sit on the foot at ease without causing pain while walking.

Give Your Feet Rest

Standing or walking for long, obesity, and anything that can put burden on the feet for long can bring about cracked feet and heels. Therefore, to prevent painful, cracked heels thus having soft and silky feet it is advised to give rest to your feet.

Foot Massage

Massage your feet regularly with an essential oil; it will improve the circulation and relive strain after a long, busy day.