8-Step Neutral Makeup Tutorial


8-Step Neutral Makeup Tutorial-Everyone likes to have beautiful bright and stunningly shimmery shades and I seriously think that we love using silly things in summer, but not for everyday look, I am not shy to color, but I love neutrals for everyday, I like to look good, but not crazy and I seriously like to look beautiful, but natural beautiful without any silly touch so here are some tips of you to get beautiful natural look.

I am sharing thing that I do so you need to make your own styles with these ideas and if you want to try the same then it is good because they always work for me.

You can use Mac eye shadow in Espresso cause it is a full package, shiny, string and fascinating and you will probably get all the shaded you want and you will get all the perfect shade you might want for natural looking look so you can buy one pack and you can use it over and over again and you will soon be expert of shades.

You need to use nice smooth shade as a Base and you need to use the perfect tone cause it is very important for your natural look, if you use darker or lighter shade the it will show, so you need to pick with great care and apply with great technique blending is a key of perfect look and natural make over, so you need to buy the best natural looking shades and then use a thin and wide brush to apply it and that will give you more freedom and more smooth look, but I would say that your hands and your fingers for blending, but if you don’t want that then you can try blending sponge for that and you need to blend as much as you can that will always make you look even more smoother and natural.

8-Step Neutral Makeup Tutorial

Never use authentic shaded mascara or liner, it is not good for you, and you need to apply light or transparent mascara and you can use light or natural shades of liners, like brown or dark gray and that will give you perfect look with natural touch.