8 Steps to an Amazing Home Spa Day

8 Steps to an Amazing Home Spa Day
8 Steps to an Amazing Home Spa Day

This article provides you a step by step guide to have a perfect spa day and give your skin a rejuvenated look and feel without spending bucks in salon. Here we go………

Clear Your Schedule

An actual spa day is all about pampering yourself including your body, skin, hair, feet, hand, in short treating your entire body to rejuvenate it. There only difference between home spa and salon spa is that the former is done by yourself while the later is done by a profession. Otherwise both are same. So, no need to spend bucks in salon; all you need to do is to cancel out all engagements of the day and focus entirely on yourself.

Take Hot Shower and Exfoliate Your Body

First of all, take shower and fully exfoliate your skin to get rid of dry, dead skin cells. You can use a quality store-bought scrub or a homemade scrub for this purpose. It is advised not to rinse your face or hair at this time: this first shower is just to prepare the skin for upcoming treatment.


After taking shower and before beginning with home spa treatment, moisturize your skin thoroughly. For this, slightly warm up your standard moisturizer in microwave and dab it on your skin. This way the moisturizing lotion will penetrate deep into the exfoliated skin, giving it a super luxurious feel.

Hair Mask

After taking shower, dry out your hair and apply a generous amount of nourishing mask over the hair. After ensuring that every wisp is well-coated, wrap your hairs in a soft, clean towel. Let the product sit in your hair when you are on the go with the rest of spa treatments. After you have done with rest of the spa treatments, shampoo your hair with a hand-held shower and condition them as usual.

Face Pack

While taking hot shower, your pores open up. To seal the opened pores apply a well-suited facial mask. You can use either a store-bought face mask or a homemade facial mask for this purpose.


Apply the facemask and leave it for some time. It is better to get home pedicure while your face mask is exercising its effects on your face. Steep your feet in warm, soapy water for at least fifteen minutes to soften the skin. After taking the feet out of water apply a foot scrub to purge any dry skin and other impurities. Towel dry well and smooth out any rough areas using a pumice stone. Massage your calves and feet with an apt lotion, trim your nails and finally apply nail polish of your favorite color.

Wash and Moisturize Your Face

By this time, your face mask has been hold on for enough time; gently rub it off using tepid water. No need to use cleanser to cleanse it. Pat dry your face and apply a face moisturizer light-handedly.


The final step of your home spa treatment is manicure. First trim your nails and give them the desired shape by filling them then soak your hands in warm, soapy water for fifteen minutes. Take your hand out of water and exfoliate them with body scrub. Rinse hands; put on cuticle oil, get to work with the orange wood stick, rinse and dry once more and finally, paint on polish in your favorite color.