Accentuate Your Eye Color


Eye color is what we genetically inherit from our parents and grand parents. We can not change it. It is the one of major inherited character. Though the God gave us the color which is perfect match of our other characteristic body features as the hair color, eye brow color and our complexion, But some time we wish some other color which we have bestowed by nature in order to beautify our selves or just to change our facial features. What we done, if all is in harmony with other make up it will give the radiant glow to our looks. The use of eye make up enhances the eye color.

The following should be followed to accent your eye color;

  • Three things in eye makeup accentuate the eye color, the eye liner, the eye shadows and the mascara. The application of these three depend what you want to look and the atmosphere where you have to wear all this. The time of the day is also important. Most heavy makeup can’t give the good looks in day time or at the temperature when the sun is at its peak.
  • The eye liner plays much in the beauty and looks of our eyes. The eye liner mostly we apply according to our make color. Eye liner is actually the main thing in our eye make up which define the shape and the color of our eyes. So it will be carefully selected. As the blue eyes give he beautiful appearance with grey brown or medium blue eye liner, for the sparkling look the copper bronze or golden eye liner is best. The brow eyes pop up with the eggplant or deep berry eye liner. The green eyes carry the eye liner in deep brown, golden brown, forest green and black shades. The blackish brown eyes carry the all shades of brown and black in a bit darker tones.
  • The eye shadows do a marvelous job in accentuating the eye color. They will be used in matching with the eye color or contrast with the eye color. As blue eyes the all shades of beiges, taupe and chocolates are used for the natural look the deeper blue when used give the more stunning natural look. For sharper look use the bright berries and plums, turquoise blues or silver and pewter shades. For green eyes the bright limes, fuchsias or ultra sharp purples are used. For brown eyes the soft pinks shimmering beiges and luscious apricots and light champagnes are used. In coppers and bronzes, khaki greens and doe browns they give more glow.
  • Now the mascara also is used in different colors. The blue, brown, black are in common. This may be used with matching eye color give more enhancing effect to the eye color. But in smoky eyes the black mascara for any eye color is used.
  • There are certain shades which are suitable for certain skin tones as the blue eyed women with pinkish skin tone avoid all the dark pink shades. Brown eyed women with yellowish skin tone avoid the green or hazel shades it will give the tired look to their eyes.

In young age multiple eye colors give the funky appearance while if you are aged then select the colors care fully otherwise it will add to the aging effect.