Acne Cause Hottest Issues Solution


Causes and solution of acne always remain hottest issues of discussion among the people of any age. The acne sufferers always have to face hurting remarks from other people thus they loss their self confidence and become the victim of inadequacy complex. But, no need to worry guys!!! Now a large number of treatments and remedies of acne have been explored that can give you a clear skin quickly.

Causes of Acne

Though there are many major and minor causes behind acne and pimple eruption but five chief causes are as follows

1. Excessive Sebum Production: One of the chief causes of acne is increased sebum production. Human skin has a large number of tiny sebaceous glands that are responsible for oil secretion onto the skin. Mostly, the over activity of these glands results in the increased sebum production that in turn cause acne breakouts. Sebum helps acne bacteria to grow.

This sebum comes to the skin surface through the small skin pores and blocks that pores. Bacteria are always present on the skin but whenever they get feasible conditions, they multiply themselves and cause pimple eruption and redness of pimple skin. If not treated at early stage, the problem becomes severe and cysts develop. When the cysts rupture infection spreads and acne scars are formed.

2. Abnormal Activity of skin bacteria: A preventive bacterium, called Propionibacterium Acnes, exists on our skin that prevents the skin from damaging bacteria and infections. When the activity of this skin bacteria gets disturbed due to any internal or external factors then acne breakouts take place.

3. Unhealthy Routine: Unfit and unhealthy routine that includes having fried food items and dairy items, stress, inappropriate sleeping habits, polluted environment etc can cause acne breakouts.

4. Clogged Skin Pores: Besides sebum, dead skin, excessively heavy or greasy makeup, and other impurities i.e. dirt as well clog the skin pores. Though, pores’ clogging is not the only reason of acne but the bacteria that exist on the body skin gets most favorable procreation surroundings in the form of oily skin with blocked pores. Consequently puss is produced that cause eruption of ugly pimples, whiteheads and blackheads etc.

5. Other causes: Some other causes of acne breakouts are steroids intake, excessive and frequent use of heavy and oily makeup, rubbing or cleansing the skin vigorously, use of unfriendly exfoliants, and puss emission etc.

Through herbal and chemical remedies acne can easily be treated.