Acne Myths, Treatments & Realities


Acne Myths, Treatments & RealitiesAcne is very common and the most discussed topic and of this world, everyone talk about them and everyone wants to know what is right and what is myth and what are the reasons of these ugly looking scars so here are some realities and facts.

Acne Is Due To Hygiene Issue,

I know that this can be a reason and this can be one of many reasons, but it is not the main and only reason of pimples, it can be a indirect reason of pimples, but it is not a main reason of pimples, we know that if we don’t clean oily pores it can make black heads and all pimple and acne, but the main reason of pimples are excessive secretion of sebum, excessive production of oil and mismanagement of oil glands that produce so much oil that is abnormal and that is the main reason of pimples and cane.

Acne Only Affects the Face

I am not saying that it is not common and it is not the main part of pimples and acne, but you cannot say that we cannot have acne on any other part of body. You can see many people who have beautiful face but they suffer with back and chest acne and they have pimples on arms and legs too.

Acne Comes In Specific Age

We know that it is a very common misconception that acne comes in teens and the reason is hormones mis balanced situation, we know that acne primarily affects in teens, but it is not very necessary, some people enjoy marvelous skin in their teens, but then they get horrible acne and pimples in their 30, or 40s so it has nothing to do with any specific age or time period or period of time.

The Contraceptive Pill create Skin issues


Contraceptive pills are composed of hormones, so if by now you know that hormones can be a big reason of skin issues then you would know the reason why contraceptives can be a reason of skin issues, but in other hand it is a wrong perception that don’t take pills they will bring pimples and acne, that is false.
Oily Food Is a Reason Of Acne


Well if you have understood the main patron of pimples would you tell me if it is possible or not? Well I can admit that oily food can activate your oil glands and make things worse and uncontrollable, but we cannot say that food is a reason of pimple and acne, no matter what you eat or drink, nothing can make you breakout, chocolate, nuts sweats and fried food is bad for your healthy and I would recommend to don’t eat too much, but otherwise it has nothing to do with your skin issue or skin.
There are hundreds and thousands myth about scars and pimples and not all of them are right and not all of them are wrong so open your mind and your eyes and see and understand , and before believing anything try to find out if it is true or not and if it has any authentic reason and link or not.