Acne on Neck (Homemade Remedies For Neck Acne)


Acne is the most common skin care problem that can affect any part of the body such as face, neck etc. Though any type of acne is very painful and its treatment use to be a tough task but Neck acne is most painful and toughest to cure as compare to any other. Neck acne mainly takes place at nape due to the dirt accumulated at this area and excessive secretion of oil.

The reason why neck acne is difficult to treat is that neck’s skin is thick and needs to be handled very carefully and delicately, otherwise any fetal injury could occur. Secondly, neck skin frequently comes in touch with hair and hands that makes it more painful and hard to cure. As neck is very sensitive area that’s why skin experts and physicians suggest using homemade recipes to treat neck acne.

Few homemade remedies for neck acne are given below

Use Aloe Vera Paste

Take a small and fresh aloe Vera leaf and drain out its thick and sticky yellow liquid by removing its crust with a sharp dagger. Gather the pulp of aloe Vera leaf in a bowl and then blend it well in a blender to get fine paste. First, cleanse the neck with cleansing milk and then use the paste over the affected area directly. Let the aloe Vera penetrate in the skin. Later wash it off with tepid water. This herbal recipe will surely give you relief from neck acne.

Mint Leave Paste for Neck on Acne

Take one cup of fresh mint leaves, wash them well to remove dirt accumulated on them and then blend them in a blender to get mint paste. Apply this paste directly to the neck skin and leave it for ten minutes. Apply another coat of mint leave paste to the neck and allow it to air dry. When completely dried, wash it off with normal use water. Regular use of this remedy on every alternate day will surely solve your problem soon.

Use Neem Leaves to Cure Neck on Acne

Take one cup of neem leaves, wash them thoroughly with clean water and then blend them well in a mixer. You will get neem leave paste. Now add ¼ tsp. of turmeric powder to it and stir well. Apply this paste to the affected area for 25-30 minutes. On getting fully dry, wash off the paste with tepid water. Neem has natural antiseptic qualities therefore it cures neck acne very well.