Acne Prevention Few Tips One Can Prevent Acne

Acne Prevention Few Tips One Can Prevent Acne
Acne Prevention Few Tips One Can Prevent Acne

It is well known saying that ‘prevention is better than cure. So, it’s much wise preventing acne, than treating it. The acne makes a person look unattractive. Moreover, acne scars don’t disappear immediately after its treatment.

Therefore along with curing acne, preventing the spread of inflammation and infection is also necessary. By following Acne Prevention Few Tips One Can Prevent Acne.

The first and most important tip in acne prevention is keeping the skin utterly clean and dirt free. Ensure washing the face regularly with lukewarm water or a mild quality cleanser to take away all the impurities.

Keep your skin moisturized with a quality and well suited moisturizer to relieve skin peeling and dryness. For oily skin, a gel moisturizer works the best and for dry skin moisturizing lotion or cream is the best choice. Before moisturizing, don’t forget to hydrate the skin.

Try any topical acne product. Topical acne products may have antiseptic components i.e. benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid that destroy the harmful bacteria without effecting the skin harmfully. Initially use the product in small amount and then increase or decrease the amount depending upon the condition of skin. Avoid using these kind of ointments if you posses a sensitive skin.

Be careful while using the makeup products. Limit or cease the use of base, powder, and blush. It is wise using oil-free cosmetics that are free of chemicals and dyes as well.

Don’t touch you face with hands and also don’t prop your chin or cheeks on the hands. The reason being, they can spread bacteria and increase the irritation of already sore facial skin. To prevent scarring and infection, don’t pop or pop pimple with your fingers.

Dab a honey and lemon mask on the skin regularly. It is proven helpful in eliminating the bacteria and excess oil on the face.

Consume plenty of water. It removes the impurities and toxic substances from the skin thus alleviate the risk of acne breakout.