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Acne Treatment for Skin Problem

Acne is a very common skin problem that not makes the person look unattractive but also causes some other problem such as inferiority complex, lack of self confidence, depression etc. This problem can be easily cured by using any of a large number of treatments available.

Acne Treatments

The below given acne treatments can vanish the pimples rapidly.

Acne Products

A vast variety of acne treatment products are available in market. Certain acne kits contain topical ointments and oral medicines while some other contain only one either ornament or medications. However, these should be used with the advice of a dermatologist. Benzyl peroxide, Retin-A and salicylic acid containing products are proven best acne fighters.

Home Remedies

Home remedies are also helpful in curing acne and mostly people prefer this treatment because these are purely natural, cheap and easily available. The biggest plus point home remedies have is that these don’t have any side effects. Garlic paste, baking soda, ice, toothpaste, lemon juice and rose water some of the items that are used in home made acne remedies.

Oral Antibiotics

Topical as well as oral antibiotics also serve the purpose of controlling acne breakouts effectively. Erythromycin, Tetracycline, Clindamycin, Doxycycline and Minocycline are some of the oral antibiotics that are commonly recommended by the physicians and skin experts for limiting acne.

Laser Treatment

Acne breakouts can be treated by laser treatment as well. This way of acne treatment is in use for many years and becoming more and more popular with every passing day. However, the services of any professional physician should be hired for this treatment. This treatment can confiscate the facial acne lesions to a remarkable extant.


Acupuncture is the best treatment option for those who don’t want to take medicines and go through laser therapy for curing acne problem. In acne acupuncture treatment, specific areas of sufferer’s body are targeted with tiny spines or needles for restoring the balance of her/his energy system. The results of acupuncture become visible after 3-6 treatments.

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