Airbrush Makeup Tips | How to Apply & Benefits

Airbrush Makeup Tips
Airbrush Makeup Tips for your beauty

Modern era is the era of development and innovation and like all other industries cosmetic industry as well is making innovations. One of the latest cosmetic innovations is Airbrush Foundation. Firstly it wasn’t in the reach of everyone and the TV and film celebrities used to take advantage of this latest cosmetic but now everyone has easy access to it. It keeps your makeup fresh for more or less 16 hours and gives a perfect finish to the skin.

Airbrush Foundation Application

The way of its working is that little quantities of airbrush foundation are squirted over the skin with a compressor and a makeup wand. It is sprayed-out under a course of air to mask the skin with its thin layer. Customized foundation is used in the airbrush makeup.

The airbrush kit contains a container with a compressor, a wand and a tube for connecting the two with each other. The container is filled by a mixture of water and customized foundation which is then sprayed over the skin with the airbrush wand. The skin as well as any skin imperfections is covered by foundation which the compressor disperses in the form of pixel sized drops. It’s a guaranteed way to get a perfect skin.

Benefits of Airbrush Foundation

The durability of airbrush makeup is more than the normal makeup; it lasts upto 16 hours without rub-off. Airbrush foundation is hygienic when the makeup is shared because its parts don’t touch the skin; it is perfect for camouflaging hefty areas of skin such as burn blemishes and tattoos etc as well as for making other skin imperfections such as wrinkles and chuckle lines.

Airbrush foundation base renders the user a translucent and natural look and no translucent powder is needed to set it.