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Alicia Keys Eye Makeup

Alicia Keys has exotic eyes that she makes them the focus of her look with dark eye makeup, heavy winged eyeliner and lush, long, neatly curled lashes. Oftentimes, she also adds dots or shimmer all along her eyes for enhancing their drama and charm. If you love her look, and feels like replicating her style, here is an easy tutorial just for you!!!

The first and foremost step of any makeup look is to prepare the skin so as to hide up any imperfections and smooth out unevenness of the complexion. Same is true for creating Keys’ eye makeup look too.

Alicia Keys Eye Makeup

For prepping the lids you should work a light-colored sparkling cream eyeshadow base all over your lid. If you’re making use of two complementary colors like green and gold, then the base you use should be gold. Besides delivering a dramatic effect, this will help make your eye makeup lasting.

Next up, grab your palette and pat your eyeshadow applicator in the darker eyeshadow of your choice and run it in the crease and the outer lid of your eye. It is suggested to use a small eyeshadow brush for applying the dark shadow as you’re not supposed to sweep the color allover your lid but only in crease and eye’s outer corner.

Layer on the color in the outer corner so as to make the edge more dramatic.

Alicia Keys Eye Makeup-

After you are done with eyeshadow, your next task would be eyeliner. Depth and drama are the two main characteristics of Alicia’s eyeliner look and a liquid eyeliner just perfect for creating the style. Delineate both your top and bottom rims with the liner and flip the upper line a bit upwards for a full, winged effect.

It’s quite impossible to complete Key’s eye makeup look, without slapping multiple coats of mascara. So, curl your lashes and then slap on two-three thick coating of lengthening and volumizing mascara to finish off the look.

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