Alkaram 2012 Summer Fest Collection for Girls


Just yesterday Alkaram 2012 Summer Fest Collection for Ladies, Alkaram started Eid collection for women. Alkaram Fest 2012 Summer Collection is a collection of remarkable unstitched dresses from the lawn. The collection was divided into three parts, namely, Voile, cross, and the festival. In every suit in Alkaram 2012 Summer Fest, you get the fabric for shirts, dupatta and trouser. Some of the costumes and fabric for the sleeves and panels.

Many of these suits in the collection Alkaram 2012 Summer Festival embroidered on the chest. Embroidered beams also receive some of the costumes; this stylish embroidered costume will look more elegant.

Alkaram is one of the major textile companies in Pakistan. It operates since 1986. The company produces beautiful fabrics and off the collection each season. Collections welcome people. Textiles and apparel manufacturing firms are always very stylish and elegant. In addition, they are high quality and the prices are quite low.

Let us now see a new Alkaram Fest 2012 Summer collection for women. Photographs from the Collection of the Summer Festival of Alkaram below,