Almond Skin Cleansing Tips for Your Beauty Look

Almond Skin Cleansing Tips for Your Beauty Look
Almond Skin Cleansing Tips for Your Beauty Look

Almond Cleansing solution is an effective skin care solution that can be easily prepared at home. Just like preparation, its application is also very easy. Used with powder milk, almond cleansing solution wipes away dirt from skin pores thus keeps your skin clean and fresh.

As sanitation is the key to healthy and beautiful skin, so, make sure cleansing your face with a face wash that contains purely natural and healthy components regularly. Most people prefer using homemade products because they don’t contain chemicals thus don’t have harmful effects over the skin. Almond Cleansing Solution is one such homespun recipe that can add a natural glow, shine and softness to your skin. .


The ingredients that are needed for preparing almond cleansing solution include 1 tsp. of almond powder, 2 tsp. of milk powder and 1 pinch of sugar.


First, mix almond powder, milk powder and sugar together and then add 1 tsp. of tepid water to get a paste. If you feel the paste extra thick then add few drops of water gradually to transform it into a bit thin paste. Make sure not letting the paste turn extra thin as it will be difficult to apply.


Apply the almond cleansing paste over your face using your fingers, starting its application from the chin work your way to the forehead. Move your fingers in anti-clockwise direction while gently rubbing the paste over your face and neck. Massage it for one minute. The applied almond paste will gradually appear in the form of tiny balls. At the end wipe the paste off with warm water and dry your neck and face with cotton napkin.

Almond cleansing solution suits every skin tone and can be used daily. Prepare the mixture of all three ingredients once, preserve it in a jar and use 2 tsp. daily.