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Alum Powder To Get Tight Skin

Alum Powder To Get Tight SkinToday I am sharing some very simple tips of Alum that you can use to get smooth silky tight and clear skin and you can use it if you have body odder too and it is really good for your teeth too, and these are very effective tips and I know that they work cause I know one woman, my grandma who use to use it for her skin, feet and teeth and she was the most beautiful and the most charming fit woman I know, so let’s see how we use alum to get youthful skin and.

Alum is actually both a specific chemical compound and a class of chemical compounds too and it is loaded with the befits and hydrated potassium aluminium sulfate potassium alum is really good for your skin and all kind of bacterial infections, and if you understand what is Alum and how to use it then I bet you will never buy any kind of acne and pimple cream and you will never spend money on any ready to use product for your skin and other body issues, if you see deep down all the beauty issues are based with the bacterial and germs and if we know and we can deal with that them I bet we can deal with, open pores, acne, pimples, scars and if you start using it properly in the right time then you would be able to rock the tight and young looking skin even in your 40s and onward, so are you ready to rock that shiny magical stone?

Here are some simple ways to use alum for your looks and body issues.

If you have body odder then keep a small smooth piece of alum in your bathroom and after your morning shower rub it under your arms and let it get dry for a while and then sprinkle a very fine layer of talcum powder and you will not get order for next three days for sure, but best if you tae shower everyday.

Normally skin care companies use Alum in different skin care products especially in aftershave lotions, pre-shaving oils skin care and skin cleansing creams and if they can use it then why can’t you and I bet if you use the original Alum then it will effect more, you can keep a fine powder of alum powder in your bath room and you can use it for toning different skin types and many other skin issues too.

If you have open pores then start rubbing this simple alum powder on your washed face and rub it for while and then let it be there for 5 minutes and then wash it off with running water, you would not be able to find something that effective for your skin then alum powder.

Mix ½ tablespoon of alum and 50 gm rose water in 100 gm of glycerin and store it in the refrigerator and use it whole body moisturizing lotion and this will not only make your feet and your hands dreamy, but it will help your pores and acne issues too.

If you have acne and any kind of skin issues and brake out then you just need to start rubbing this on your face three times a day and you will see the difference in one week, but make sure you are using very regularly.

Now at the end, I want to tell you that if you have cuts and wounds then you will feel some itchy and burning, but that is what you need to treat these skin issue, you need to bear a bit, don’t quit and don’t leave this magical thing.

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