Announcing Pregnancy To Parents & Ways To Announce Pregnancy?


Announcing Pregnancy To ParentsRead some information about Announcing Pregnancy To Parents, The pregnancy is a big step in a woman’s life, and utilizing some creative ways to announce pregnancy can greatly enhance the enjoyment of the moment. Especially The Grandparents to be deserve something special when it is their first grandchild.

Announcing Pregnancy

Make your parents feel special by giving them the good news first or by allowing them to hear from you first. Here are some creative ways to announce pregnancy to parents and other family members.

  • Arrange a family dinner and announce it there in a fun and innovative way.
  • Sending announcement cards to the parents for new grandparents are a good way to break the news to parents. If you live far away from them, you can also send them a card announcing your pregnancy via mail.
  • Another good idea is sending out “Save the Date” cards with your due date and inform the parents when they ask what’s the big deal about that date.
  • Record a new voice-mail message that saying you are currently busy in buying clothes and toys for the new baby that is due is a unique and surprising way.
  • Wrap up a baby item for the future grandparents to open.

Announcing Pregnancy when you feel comfortable in doing so and while announcing treat both grandparents equally.