Anti Aging Skin Tips


Aging process though a gradual and continuous process, it can not be prevented but can be slow down by utilizing the products which nature has spread around you. The signs of aging appear on the skin very fastly.

The appearance of lines around eyes, around lips, under eyes formation of pouches and loosing of the skin tightness are common aging problems. Women are most anxious for them as compared to man. By using the household recopies we can minimize them to great extent and gain the youthful skins for longer duration.  There are some useful products available in home which acts as miracle.


Anti Aging Skin Tips

  • Both these are the great blessing of nature. These are taken in equal quantities in a bowl and mixed well and applied on face for 15 minutes. After that the face is rinsed with normal tap water. It will give the youthful look to the skin. The reason of this that the honey contains the antioxidant properties and it will remove the free radicals from the skin and milk give the moisture to the skin.


Anti Aging Skin Tips-

  • Potatoes contain the contents within them which leave the soothing and detoxifying effects on the skin. these may be applied in slice form under eyes as cucumber slices or  the pulp is made by grating them and applied on skin of face as whole for sometime, it will removes the aging spots and fine lines from the skin effectively.


Anti Aging Skin Tips-0

  • It is another effective home remedy for aging skin. For it the pulp is taken after peeling and removing stone from it. The pulp is mixed with egg white and applied on skin for 15 minutes. It will tighten the skin.


  • The vitamin is again important for revitalization of skin and giving the youthful complexion. Empty the vitamin E capsule in a bowl and add honey in to it. Then apply it on the skin. Mere vitamin E oil is also helpful for the youth full skin.
  • Mixing lentil flour with tomato puree half a teaspoon of lemon juice and half an inch of turmeric paste and applying this to your face about 3 times a week can really help you look younger, basically by applying this three times a week you will make your skin smooth. It is full of vitamins and act as vitamin supplement.