Anti wrinkle Neck Skin Care Recipes

Anti wrinkle Neck Skin Care Recipes
Anti wrinkle Neck Skin Care Recipes

Neck is very important part of our body and needs proper care. Sagging of neck skin is the common problem that rises with the growing age and mostly aged people suffer this problem. There are many ways to tighten the skin from plastic surgery to the homemade recipes for skin tightening. Here we are telling you few homemade anti-aging skin care remedies for neck. You can easily prepare these recipes at home; they are cheap and don’t have any side effects. Try these remedies; you will surely find them effective.

Use Raspberries-Cucumber Paste for Toning the Neck Skin

Take 6-7 raspberries and half cucumber and wash them well to remove any dirt accumulated on them. Then cut the raspberries into small pieces and chop the cucumber and put both the ingredients in a grinder. Grind them well without adding water to get a fine paste. Amass the raspberries-cucumber paste in a bowl, add 1 tsp. of apple vinegar to it and stir well. Now, cleanse your neck with cleansing milk and then apply the prepared paste over it using a flat brush. Leave it for 20 minutes so it gets dry. Once it is completely dry, wash it off with normal use water. Raspberry along with the apple vinegar will serve to tighten the skin and the cucumber would work to hydrate the skin.

Control Sagging of Neck Skin with Apple Mask

Prepare a mixture of one grounded apple and ¼ musk melon and apply it to your neck skin to control its sagging. First, rinse the neck skin with uncooked milk and then apply the paste to it. Allow the mixture’s juice to penetrate deep inside the skin for 20 minutes. Fruit juices will repair the damaged skin cells thus rejuvenate the skin. After 20 minutes wash the neck with tepid water and later splash cold water on it. At the end dry the neck with soft cotton napkin.

Almond-Olive Oil Anti Aging Neck Pack

Prepare almond-olive oil anti aging pack by mixing 2 tbs. of almond powder and 3 tbs. of olive oil together. Apply the prepared mixture to the neck and nape and then cover the entire neck from back and front with a damp cotton napkin for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes remove the napkin and rinse the neck first with tepid water and then with arctic water. This homemade recipe suits every skin tones and is an effective tonic for tightening the loose skin of neck.