Apple Shape Body? Tips to Hide Tummy Bulge

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Apple shaped body for your beauty attraction


People having apple shape body always find it difficult to choose a dress that can easily hide their tummy bulge. Besides losing the weight to solve your problem, your can also solve the problem by learning the proper way of clothing to disguise tummy bulge.

Some Apple Shape Body tips and tricks to play down your tummy are given below; give these tips a try, they will definitely help you in solving your problem.

Hide Tummy Bulges with Spanx: A best way to disguise the tummy bulge is wearing the body shaping under garment such as spanx. These comfy pieces of underwear give the desired shape to your body.

Be Careful In Color Selection: Be careful while opting for the colors for your lower body’s dress. Don’t choose light colors otherwise you will end you making your bulge more prominent. Dark and profound-colored jeans with wide waistbands or bold prints are best option for you to cover up your tummy bulge.

Accentuate Your Waist to Make Tummy Less Noticeable: Accentuating your waist is another good idea to draw attention of the viewers away from your belly. It can be done by choosing an outfit having beading or other eye-popping features embroidered on it under its bust area. In this way the attention of the viewers will be drawn to your body’s petite part and your tummy area will become less noticeable.

Flattering Dress Shape Options: When it comes of flattering clothing shapes for hiding tummy, the empire waist cut is best option. The clothing of this shape offers you a comfy curving style that does not cuddle the waist or tummy in anyway. However, some ladies hesitate to wear empire waists as it makes them feel as if they are sporting maternity clothes. But, by wearing it they can easily and comfortably hide their belly.

A-line shirts are designed to hide your tummy bulge. So, give a try to A-line shirts as well.