Apply Concealer Like a Pro


Though concealer has been recognized as an essential beauty cosmetic by the majority makeup experts, only a few women make use of this magical product that can make the skin perfect by hiding all the skin flaws.

The common answer of most women in response to the question that why do they skip concealer is that they don’t know the proper way of concealer application. However, instead of flinging it sideways, it is just right to stay away from the product which you don’t know to apply properly. Follow the below given tips to apply concealing product perfectly:

Choosing Right Shade Of Concealer for Your Skin Tone

First step towards the proper application of concealer is finding out the right shade of concealer for your natural complexion. You will definitely achieve a perfect look if you use the right shade and blend it properly. While taking a look at concealers, try to find out the brand that allows you to test it before paying for it. Check out the color on your neck, below the ear. The color should be bit lighter than your foundation color.

In case if your complexion changes in the summer, be sure to change the concealer shade accordingly in this season.

Besides paying attention to the right color, it is also important to choose a quality brand. Try to find fragrance-free dermatologist tested formulas.

Apply Concealer to Get a Natural Look

Remember, concealers work best when you apply thin layers and build them up steadily to achieve the look you are aiming for. First apply dots of concealer in the areas where coverage is required and then tap it into the skin with the help of you ring finger’s pad or a concealer makeup brush.

Covering Under Eye Circles

Moreover, be sure to move your ring finger in soft, patting motion while blending concealer in the under eye area. The reason being, the delicate under-eye area may get harmed in case of exerting more pressure.

Set Concealer with Powder for Lasting Coverage

After achieving the desired look, set the makeup by dusting a fine loose powder over your face.