Applying Eyeliner Tips


Eye liner is the major component of the eye make up and truly defines the shape of eyes when beautifully and skill fully applied on eyes. The eye liner is of two types. The liquid eye liner and the stick eye liner. The liquid eye liner is used for more lasting effects while the stick eye liner is used for temporary eye make up.


  • Eye liner should be applied in single complete stroke with the even pressure at the whole stroke.
  • It should be applied from inner edges of the eyes toward outside.
  • It is first to be applied at the upper lid and then at the lower lid so that to prevent any smudging.
  • It is applied after the foundation and moisturizer but before the mascaras and eye shades. After completing the whole eye make up the final strokes may be given to make it more prominent.

Applying Eyeliner Tips


  • The eye liner is in different colors. The selection will be done on the basis of how you want your eyes look but for natural look it is used in slightly darker tones then eye lashes.
  • White eye liner used to give the bigger and larger looks of eyes.

Applying Eyeliner Tips-


One eye liner may be applied in different styles to give the more drastic change in looks as follows:

  • For the natural look the upper outer lid is lined with the eye liner pencil or liquid eye liner. For the   wide set eyes the upper outer eye lid is lined from the inner corners or from the outer corner to one third half near to lashes.

Applying Eyeliner Tips-0

  • It may be used in V_ SHAPE style. In it the liner is used in the upper and lower outer edges of the eyes from one half outer corners and connected in V shape manner. Blend it nicely so that the hard line is not seen.
  • For the sultry look apply the liner to the upper and lower outer rims of the eyes and then apply the eye shadows on it and blend them well. After this apply the eye liner to the inner of the upper eye lid by pulling down gently the lower one and then apply at the lower lid.

Applying Eyeliner Tips-01

This ill give the sexy and smoky look of the eyes.