Nails Look After Applying Nail Polish


Applying Nail PolishApplying Nail Polish to apply the nail polish is an art. The correct application of the nail polish changes the entire looks of the hands. Before applying the nail polish prepare your nails. Clean your hands and moisturize them with suitable hand lotion. Now if there is any stain of old nail polish on the nails then removes it first. Again wash and moisturize your hands with moisturizing cream. The moisturizing cream is not applied at your nails before applying the nail polish.


  • Clean your nails with the nail polish remover.
  • Lay down the base coat on your nails when they clean and dry. It will help you for the colored nail polish to be applied evenly and smoothly.
  • Roll your bottle of nail polish in between your hands so that any suspended particles are mixed thoroughly. Not to shake the bottle because it will produce bubbles in the polish.
  • Dip the brush in the polish in such a way that the excessive nail polish is wiped from the brush and when applied on the nail it will   give the smooth coat.
  • If the color of the nail polish is too dark then apply the primer of transparent coat on the surface otherwise it will change the color of nail palette.
  • Swipe a stripe of polish down the middle of your nail from cuticle to tip before following it with color on either side.
  • Start to polish your nail from the smallest finger and thumb in the last.
  • For manicure place you hands on the table, if you have unsteady hands.
  • For pedicure place your feet at the floor instead of hovering it.
  • Repeat this process for second coat, when the first coat fully dried.

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