Ayesha-Somaya 2012 Cocktail Gowns for Girls


Ayesha-Somaya is a duo of talented designers, issued their collection cocktail dress a few days earlier. The collection was presented during the shoot. Ayesha-Somaya new 2012 Collection cocktail dress would be quite appropriate if you are looking for evening wear. In short, the collection can be described as chic.

Dresses in the latest collection Ayesha Somaya 2012 were better sewn and shaped Western cocktail dresses As embellishments and cuts are very modern. You can wear any of the dresses in the past Ayesha-Somaya 2012 collection official dinners and other official events. You look pretty good in the dress if you wear it with matching accessories.

Ayesha-Somaya has appeared several years ago. This designer brand is owned by two talented designers, namely Ayesha Sohail and Somaya Adnan. Different types of dresses are provided by Ayesha-Somaya including casual wear, formal wear, party wear, evening wear and bridal wear. The range of facilities they provide demonstrates the flexibility of design duo. The brand has a studio in Karachi.

Ayesha-Somaya 2012 cocktail dresses can be seen below.