Ayurvedic Ways to Start Your New lifestyle


Ayurvedic Ways to Start Your New lifestyleIf you are trying to get into healthy lifestyle and if you are looking for some kind of guide line then here is a very effective and very healthy tips for you to get into this lifestyle that will not only keep you healthy and fresh, but it will keep you young for longer time of periods and it will keep you a happy and pleasant person too and the most positive and good person possible.

Diet and Exercise: – First of all you need to see that if you need to burn some calories or you need to gain some weight, I know that everyone talk about losing weight and everyone trying to lose weight, but if you are lighter than your healthy weight then you need to gain few pounds, and if you need to reduce your weight then you need to follow the following equation.
Calories you ate-calories you burn-healthy weight

If you are eating let’s say 1000 calories then you need to burn at least 1200 calories to get a healthy weight answer and you need to follow that, exercise is very important if you are losing weight or gaining weight you need to follow a healthy life style, walk over a brick track for at least 30 minutes twice a day.

Apple As A Day Starter: – now matter when you get up, you just need to start your day with any glass of chilled water and a apple, you can drink a gals of water and after that wash your face grab your apple and start walking toward the nearest park where you could walk for 30 minutes and start your day with fresh green atmosphere an healthy apple this will help your system to get up and start working.

Cook For Yourself:- this is the best food possible, you would know each and every ingredient you added in it and if you have some spare area in your house then put some plants of green chili, lime, mint and corianders or any vegetable and herbs you want to add in your food and get the healthiest food possible, never go for ready to eat foods, cause they are not food they are products, eatable products and we don’t eat products.

Exercise:-I don’t care how old you are and how sick you feel, you need to get in any kind of gym for at least 5 times a week and if you think that getting in gym is the solution then you are wrong work out, burn few calories and make your heart beat a bit faster and enjoy the healthy sweating.

Sleep Peacefully:-The key of healthy day is a healthy peaceful sleep, I would recommend you 8 hours of sleep during 24 hours and if you think that you cannot sleep that much then the best way of getting the healthiest sleep is getup without any kind of alarm and try to sleep peacefully, if you have any issue or any problem then try to avoid thinking about that when asleep and that will make you sleep healthy and peacefully.

Now at the end I want you to understand that you need to be a happy person and the most positive person possible and enjoy the happy life.