Baby Skin Care


Use the following baby skin care tips to properly look after the skin of your baby. The two major factors about baby skin care is cleansing and moisturizing. If your baby has dry skin try to use a glycerin- based soap. Use Luke warm water instead of hot water. After bathing your baby, use a soft cloth and clean the folds of the skin carefully. Dress up your baby in loose fitting clothes. A little moisturizer can be applied if your baby has dry skin. You should not bath your baby too often in the winter season.

Baby skin care tips: products selection;

Here are some baby skin care tips that help you to choose suitable products for your child: You should use the products that are specifically made for soft and sensitive baby skin. Avoid using strong moisturizer on your baby’s skin; use a light cream in winter season. If your baby has itchy skin at night, then dampen a cloth in cold water and pat it over the area. Use some soothing moisturizer over this.

Baby skin care tips for rashes;

Use clean pillow covers and bedspreads can help to avoid such rashes and skin irritations. Change the diapers whenever wet. Before putting on the new diaper, wipe the area dry and apply some powder. Use petroleum based diaper rash creams or creams that contain zinc oxide. Mosquito nets can be used to prevent insect bites instead of mosquito repellants because they may cause irritation and rashes.