Basic Skin Care Tips For Your Beauty Skin

Basic Skin Care Tips For Your Beauty Skin
Basic Skin Care Tips For Your Beauty Skin

Women use to be very concerned and conscious about their appearance and even they spend a lager part of their pocket money or salary in purchasing different skin care products that can make them look more pretty and attractive. However, every one must know that there are tested and attested ways of caring a specific skin that don’t depend only upon day by day increasing skin care products. Along with choosing a quality and well suited cleanser for the skin, knowing the proper way of doing cleansing is also equally important. Besides, opting for the perfect moisturizer and sunscreen is very important for skin care.

Keep your skin type in mind before starting any skin care regimen because your skin type s closely related with they way you adopt for caring your skin. One can know about his/her skin type through a “skin test.” Wash your face and then pat it dry. Then after take some lens cleansing tissue paper or rice paper and press it over different parts of your face. If the paper sticks to your skin or gets oily spots then your skin is oily. If it gets stuck in the T-zone then your skin is combination or normal. Almost 70% women have normal or combination skin.

Once you come to know about your skin type, go with the basic 3-step skin care routine.


Cleansing is the first step in skin care regimen. Find a quality and best suited cleanser for your skin and once you find it, stick to it. Avoid any kind of bar soaps because they leave the skin. For those with dry skin, a crème cleanser is best, while a clear cleanser works best for oily skin. However, ensure not over cleansing your face. If you have dry skin, first apply a cold cream or wash your face with tepid water to soften up the dirt accumulated in the skin pores. Then after cleanse your face with the chosen cleanser. Always use lukewarm water for cleansing.


Second step is exfoliation. Most people don’t exfoliate their skin regularly, but remember, proper exfoliation can make instant difference. It can make your skin look more fresh and young. So, make sure to exfoliate your face with a scrub once or twice in seven days.


Moisturizing the skin is the last step in skin care routine. It is done to keep the skin well moisturized by sealing the moisture into the skin. A variety of moisturizing lotions and creams are available in market; choose any one that according to your skin texture and apply it regularly. Avoid using it too much since it may result in pores clogging. Use the eye creams for moisturizing the delicate eyes area.