Bath Bombs How to Make


Bath Bombs How to MakeBath Bombs How to Make – Taking a bath daily with Luke warm water or with water according to your climatic conditions is always a relaxing and soothing action. With this it keeps you healthy and fresh through out the day or after each exhausting work. But this bath gives more soothing effects to your mental and physical conditions if some additives are added in the bath water.

Here are few additives which can be used in bathing for health benefits objectives:

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: It is used to relax the sore muscles, itchy skin, sun burn, and over exposure to sun. Add one cup of apple cider vinegar to nice hot bath water.

BAKING SODA: This will also act as neutralizer for the irritating skin, for getting relief from the stings of poisonous stings of hives, insect’s bites, chicken pox. It wills also relief the muscular tension.

LEMON: It is the best astringent, skin toner, and to treat the oily skin. Usual 5 -6 lemons extract are added in the bath water. The peels of lemon are also boiled with water to give the beautiful scented water bath. It will clean the skin pores and make the skin breathing process fluent.

GINGER: When I read the ginger as an additive in bath water I felt not good but its action which I experienced is wonderful. It will remove the toxins from the skin, relax muscles and if you are caught by flu, hay fever it will be much soothing.

NUT OIL: Add two or three table spoons of nut oil in your bath tub and soak your body in it for few minutes it will give nourishment to the skin.

GREEN TEA: Green tea has unique position in house hold stuffs for health benefits. Adding 8-10 tea bags in your bath water will surely removes the toxins of the external skin, astringent for oily skin, make the pores free from pollutants, neutralize the sun burns and give soothing sensation

Use above for getting the refreshing bath and remember the Cleopatra milk bath and beauty.