Beautiful Mehndi Designs 2013 for Brides


Brides Mehndi DesignA bride’s preparation for the big day doesn’t accomplish unless she adorns her skin on hands, feet, arms and even legs with Mehndi paste. This trend is most popular in South Asian and some Middle Eastern countries where women apply mehndi on different religious occasion like Eid, Holi, Dewali etc or cultural festivals like Mehndi, wedding, engagement etc so as to make the event more colorful and interesting.

Brides Mehndi Design-

Initially women and oftentimes men too used to put on plain mehndi all over the inner side of the hands and feet. But the trend changed over the time and some creative minded ladies started created different adorable patterns with the henna paste and now a plethora of gorgeous and eye catching mehndi designs, ranging from simple to intricate and floral to abstract and geometric patterned designs, are there in the market. Of these large number mehndi designs, Arabic, Pakistani, Iranian and Indian are most popular.

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Pakistani mehndi designs are accepted to be the most intricate and hard –to-create mehndi designs whereas the Indian designs are ranked the simplest amongst all.

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Like most of the trends, the mehndi design trend also changes according to season and fashion. If we speak particularly of bridal mehndi designs 2013, these are very attractive and stunning created meticulously by the professional designers so as to meet the demand, desire, taste and interests of the to-be-brides.

Brides Mehndi Design-01

All in all, the latest bridal Henna mehndi trend is all about creativity with simplicity. Most of the bridal mehndi designs 2013 are simple and easy-to-create and thus they are loved not only by brides but other ladies and young girls too.

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Here we show you some of the brand new Henna Mehndi Designs 2013 for Brides; check them out and pick the right one for your big day. Enjoy a happy marries life…