Beautiful Skin In Ten Days


Beautiful Skin In Ten DaysNormally, Asian woman love to have beautiful fair skin and we try our level best to look as fair and smooth as possible, an if you are one of those who like to look fair then this is a simple tips to get fairer and beautiful skin in just 10 days.

Use Sunscreen: – If you want to get fair look, then you have to minimize the skin damage too, wash your face before you go out and that will restore the moisturizer level in your skin and the apply sunscreen and you need to buy the best one available on the rank and if you see day light that means sun is out and you need to and you have to apply sunscreen don’t allow those clouds to fool you, apply lip balm and ender eye creams too and if you are going out and you need to walk a lot then you have to use umbrella, and use one that is designed to protect your from sun rays.

Beautiful Skin In Ten Days-

If its summer then you need to wash your body and take a healthy shower at least twice a day and it is better to use fairness soap no matter if you want to get fair look or not, in summer they serve as a anti tanning and ant sun too and help you clean the side effect or sun from your body too.

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You should take a relaxing bath in the evening and for that you need to get few things, take some chilled tomatoes and a lemon and blend these two things with a cup of Gram flour and make a smooth paste by adding required rose water and now you need to apply that all over your body and let it get dry and scrub it off with chilled water and if you use loofah before Appling this mask then it will work better.

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Now you need to use a scrub that is not only very good to get smooth and beautiful skin, but it is very good to get fair skin too and this is a set of three scrubs that you need to use alternative days and for that you need to soak three table spoons of red lentil in half of cup milk and then make a fine past in the morning and apply that all over your body after 20-30 minutes scrub it off and wash your body with chilled water, you need to use same method with chickpea and poppy seeds and this is best thing that use to get fairer and smoother skin.

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Use a mixture of honey and lime on your body and face as much as possible and this will not only help you get beautiful and flawless skin, it is very good to get fair skin too.