Beauty and Health Care Tips In Urdu at Home


Beauty and Health Care Tips In UrduBeauty and Health Care Tips In Urdu all women’s and girls want her face skin and body shape is most attractive with natural beauty.

You can try in at home with simple method of Beauty and Health Care Tips In Urdu.

We know that most of the products and beauty treatments that are available in the market today do not always give the desired result. In addition to being excessively expensive, the usual beauty tips are a reality that we can not all afford.

If you want to look young and beautiful all the time, then it is essential to follow some beauty tips that are practical for you.

Even if you are very busy, it is important that you dedicate a few minutes a day to enjoy your company, meditate and reflect on everything that happens around you, while preserving and embellishing your body. To begin, follow these beauty tips:

Beauty and Health Care Tips

Tip # 1
The first advice that every woman should know is that she should wash her face in the morning and at night. Remove all traces of makeup before going to bed, using cellar water or cleansing milk.

Always apply a cream for the day and another for the night, and use serums. Once or twice a week, use exfoliator to remove dead skin cells.

Tip # 2
To have a beautiful smile, remember that sodium bicarbonate effectively removes stains and imperfections of tooth enamel.

It makes the teeth brighter and fights bad breath; The lemon whitens the teeth, but be careful, it should be used sparingly so as not to ruin them.

Tip # 3
Would you like to have thick, fleshy lips? Use a compress made with drops of extra virgin olive oil and lemon, or you can also add a pinch of cinnamon to your lipstick. You will get a filling effect in a very short time.

Tip # 4
To improve the appearance of the eyelashes, use castor oil, a very cheap and easy to find remedy that in a single month will make your eyelashes look stronger, thicker and longer.