Beauty Cosmetics | Small Girls


beauty-cosmetics-small-girlsBeauty Cosmetics | Small Girls – Dear moms not to be panic while your little daughter irritates you for makeup. Little girls love to apply makeup from mom’s cosmetics .The parents not allow them to use this makeup because the harsh chemicals may disturb the delicate and virgin skin.

Here is some home made cosmetic recopies for small girls to satisfy their wish:


  • Old containers of makeup
  • Some soft and delicate brushes
  • Essential oils as almond or olive oil
  • Glitters
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Some scents for kids
  • Cotton swabs
  • Aloe Vera gel


  • Mix body glitter, aloe Vera gel and scent together. Not to use craft glitter because it will cause irritation to the skin use only cosmetic glitter. After mixing put it in to jar and place in refrigerator. Use it when required.

Beauty Cosmetics | Small Girls


  • Take some lipsticks of soft shades and with less chemicals and stains present in it. Mix these with petroleum jelly and scent until the smooth paste is obtained .Now place it in lip gloss container and place in refrigerator for two hours. Use it and make your pink small lips shiny.

Beauty Cosmetics | Small Girls


  • Take 1 tabs of honey, add in to it the few drops of almond oil and boil together.1 tabs of vitamin E oil may be added in to it. Allow it to cool. If you want you may add crushed cranberries to give tint in to it. Put this in lip gloss jar and make your little girl glamorous.

Beauty Cosmetics | Small Girls



  • Take magnesium separate and the arrowroot powder in a bowl and mix with spatula .Put some oil drops in to it. Add some mica powder. Put it in to the eye shadow container.  Mica powder is not crushed and beat.