Beauty! Kate Moss Makeup Grace us With Her New Collection at Rimmel!


Kate Moss is everywhere. So if you like it, know that you can have in your wardrobe and your skin!

Nothing can stop Kate Moss! Her collection for British brand Topshop just unveiled and available this April 30, Kate Moss embarks on a new campaign and became the image of the latest collection of cosmetics brand Rimmel. But Kate is not just for the camera; it is also behind the office and created her own makeup collection. She imagined including four eyeshadow in sticks that illuminate our eyes, and green emerald eyeliner that will allow us to achieve the same cat eyes that beautiful. Kate even told what inspired him to his new cosmetics line “My new collection” Idol Eyes” was inspired by my favorite jewelry and precious stones.”

Beauty! Kate Moss Makeup Grace -

It has also created a series of varnish called “The Urban Bohemian Collection’s”, with bright and similar to the world of top colors. Beige pink, purple enchanting, turquoise green and emerald green, lacquer that marries perfectly with its collection of lipstick, Kate thought of everything, even the match with her future Topshop clothing collection. Found its colors eyeshadows in sticks and in mascaras. “Use colors from my collection” The Urban Bohemian Collection’s “for nails, eyes and lips allow us to create a romantic look as strong as”. Kate thinks of everything, it is definitely made for fashion as for beauty.

Beauty! Kate Moss Makeup Grace -

So, is that the little Lila Grace Moss had his say in this partnership?

What do you think this new collaboration with Rimmel? Do you like the colors have chosen Kate Moss?