Beauty Mask For Summer


Beauty Mask For SummerWe are sharing some very simple and very effective Summer masks with you to try while the sun is shining right on the top of the sky and when sun is burning all the beauty of your face so try and protect your beauty.

Cucumber and Watermelon Face Mask

If you are living in the worm continent of Asia then cucumber and watermelon is something that you will get throughout the summer and these two things will help you getting perfect skin and beautify. You need, one tablespoon cucumber juice, two tablespoon Watermelon juice one small teaspoon Yogurt one teaspoon milk powder and make a smooth past with all these ingredients and apply over your face for 20-30 minutes and let it get dry completely and then wash it with cold or ruing water and feel the fresh and smooth skin.

Bread Crumbs & Fresh Cream Mask

I think many of you would not believe that we can actually use Bread crumbs in any kind of beauty treatments, am I right? Well you would love the result of that mask; you just need to make a fine smooth past with bread crumbs and fresh cream and you just need to leave it over your face for 15 minutes and then scrub it off and wash your face with cold water and get smooth child like skin and you can treat sub burn with that mask too.

Milk Face Mask: – if you have got mild or sever sub burn then this mask are absolutely heaven for you and this will not only treat your sunburn but it will keep you fresh and neat and clean for summer bash too and you just need to make a thick past with milk, lime juice and small pinch of Turmeric can apply for 25 minutes and then scrub it off and wash with cold or running water and you can try this every day or three times a week it is up to you and you will see the difference in one week.

Potato and lemon face mask, it is another very famous Asian mask that these pretty Asian woman use to get pretty face in such hard and hot environment too. You just need the juice of one perfectly ripped.

Potato, juice of one Lemon and mix it perfectly and apply over your face for 20 minutes and then wash it with ruining water, you can try this mask whenever you want and every part that has the effects of hard rays of sun and this will help you face the sun rays bravely and beautifully.

Now at the end, I have some simple tips for you, drink simple chilled water to get hydrated and eat lots of green salad rather than heavy cooked food and eat lots of fruits and smile a lot.