Beauty Salon | Face Massage


beauty-salon-face-massageBeauty Salon | Face Massage – Facial is the procedure involving the variety of different steps as cleansing, exfoliation, toning and massaging. The facial massage is the wonderful way of getting the youthful, fresh skin which is stress free. The facial massage is carried out in beauty saloons but in home with some moisturizer and essential oil can be done to help the skin to look firm, supple and youthful.

It involves following steps:


The facial massage is done any where by sitting in comfortable position or lying flat where the body is relaxed comfortable and calm.

STEP-2 RELAXES YOUR TEMPLES: The facial massage is started from the temples and forehead working downward. The upward motions of fingers circularly from eye brows to hair line, the person doing the massage apply the pressure where needed and repeat the process five times. Middle finger is used to press while reaching near the temples to relax the temporal muscles. This will improve the blood circulation toward the    head and scalp.

STEP -3 UPWARD STROKES AT CHEEKS: Now come at the cheeks and start with pores of your fingers moving circularly and gently in upward direction at your cheeks .Make sure that the skin is not pulled and do upward swipes at the cheeks for about 2- 3 minutes. While reaching at the jaw line move your fingers from jaw line to ears.

STEP-4 SWIPES THE CHIN: Now it is the turn of chin. Move your fingers circularly and gently at the chin in upward direction. The strokes are to be from chin to jaw bones. Repeat this process five times. Now point your fingers toward each other and palm toward your self and massage at the mouth level.

STEP-5 NECK MASSAGE: Neck is the most important part of facial massage .While reaches at the neck open your hands and again points the fingers toward each other and massage start from the clavicle bones then at the wind pipe in upward swipes .Continue the upward strokes and stop at reaching from chin to lower lip. Repeat this ten times. End your massage by gentle massage at the ears with your thumb and middle finger.