Beauty Secret From Japan


Beauty Secret From JapanWe are sharing some simple and some very interesting tips all the way from Japan for you guys and I bet you would be so surprise how far they got o keep their skin and their looks the way they are famous for and how careful they people are for beautiful skin and bodies, so here are some simple tips and some skin can body care routines they follow.

Avid sun, not Vitamin D! yes we all know that sun is not good for your skin and it can cause all kind of skin issues, it can be a reason for tan, dryness, breakout and aging, but you cannot avoid sun completely cause you do need Vitim D to get healthy and strong body so avoid sun but not Vitamin D so try something else, they use beekeeper hat, full length gloves, long sleeves and khaki pants even in 101-degree heat and that not only make then sweat, which is really good, provide then full protection and let them enjoy the best source of Vitim D too.

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Japanese ladies try to avoid ready to use things as much as possible and they use herbal or natural thing to look after their skin and they use oils for their skin, essential oils are great for skin, lavender and Aloe Vera gel is great or oily skin and you can use any other oil fro other kind of skins,

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they clean their skin twice a day and when they come back home they do one trick and that is hot wet towel trick, they spread a hot wet towel on your face for a while and then wipe it off and apply some kind of serum which keep their skin baby fresh and soft.

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Serum and essence are something they use for beautiful and glowing young looking skin, they don’t use it like we do, optional and irregular, they use it so strictly many times a day, like one use a moisturizer on their face and they normally use Vitamin on their face with these serums including A, E, C, and other good minerals.

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Use a net to wash your face every time you wash your face, it suppose to be soft and it should to be delicate and neat and the best thing about that is it not only clean your face thoroughly, but it remove the dead cells too.

Eat healthy food and try to avoid oily and unhealthy food and drink lots of green or any herbal tea and drink water and fresh juices.