Beauty Secrets For Face


Beauty Secrets For FaceToday we are going to talk about some simple herbal and Ayurvedic ways to get beautiful and health skin and fascinating face and we are using the ancient Indian tips for that, as we all know that these are the best tips for any kind of skin care.

We are giving you a very simple day to day skin care tips.

Applying sandalwood paste on pimple affected skin and leaving it overnight and it will actually heal the pimples and reduces inflammation too and you can use this mask once a week then you would be actually able to prevent inflamed pimples and acne too.

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Neem is one of the best things to treat heat or bacterial infection and for that you just need to boil Neem leaves in water and allow it to cool down and then you need to start using the water to wash your face with that and it will not only very good for your oily skin, but it is very good for you can use Neem leaves for mask too, make a fine paste with Neem leaves and then add some simple traumatic in it and apply over your pimple and acne for 20-30 minutes and then wash it off with chilled water, you can use it three times a day, don’t over use it cause it can actually make your skin too dry and damaged.

I am not against of ready to use things, but I don’t believe them much, use gram flour and turmeric to wash your face and you would love the result, use alum powder to rub over your face twice a day at least and that would not only help you with acne, but would solve your loss skin issues too.

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Take one table spoon fresh cream that we get when we boil the milk, take that hot layer of cream from milk and then add some lime juice in and then apply that slightly worm milk over your face and let it get dry and then scrub it off, this is the best skin cleaning possible.

Use olive oil or sweet almond oil to moisturizer and nourish your skin, you just need to wash your face with worm water and then take some oil in your palms and rub it all over your face and massage in circulation on your wet face for 20 minutes and then take wet worm towel and rub your face with that, you can do that when you come home from work and it will keep your skin clean and fresh.