Beauty Secrets For Teenagers


We are sharing some very simple and some very basic tips for teenagers and you just need to follow then, stop looking around for your issues, the more you freak out about your skin the more you will get all of these skin issues calm down and stop applying strange things on your face at all they are not solving your issues, if you think that you are the only one who has all these skin and body issues then just stop looking in mirror for a sec and look around, flash news, almost everyone get that and we have survive all of this in our tees too, so here are some tips for you from the one who had a horrible teenage her self. but I survive which is a good news cause that show that I know better that you do.

Beauty Secrets For Teenagers

1-stop picking your acne or your pimples, you will regret that when the time would be gone and you would not be abet o do anything at all.

2-wash your face with the best and the mildest face wash possible and the best is if you wash your face at least three times a day and if you don’t know which one is good then try baby wash, or no tear shampoo for that.

3- when you see a zit coming out then apply the white one plain, old fashioned toothpaste on it, but wash your skin first and then let it be over there over night, it will actually help.

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4-keep one small packing of which hazel and tee tree oil with you all the time and when you see a zit or any read sport then apply a smallest amount of these two magical things on your zit and stay in shades, make sure it is not going in your mouth, they are really not good for your system.

5-Drink lots of water and eat lots of greens, green is your new BFF and drink healthy and fresh juices and if you have dry skin the moisturizer it every time you wash your face.

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6-Say no to all kind of drugs and smoking, trust me, we have lost legends due to these things, if you think that you are strong enough and you can quit it whenever you want then you are wrong.

Lost yourself and calm down, take a deep and cool breath every time you get too emotional or hyper.