Beauty Tips And Tricks


beauty-tips-and-tricksIt is true that the beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. But the evident beauty lies not only within our individuality but also in our uniqueness. These beauty secrets can be   revealed, from celebrities or from the beauty queens in beauty contests.But why they reveal it to the publicly, if they have the competition with their contemporaries.

The only way to find the secrets of beauty by finding the way to give the perfection to the most visible body features. In order to attain that level of beauty so that when one see to us is compelled to say “how gorgeous she is” we need to take care of the following features instantly:


  • One of the romantic authoresses says that if you are getting older you are loosing charm and attraction of the opposite gender then just to concentrate at your facial beauty. Because the face is the gateway to enter in to some ones heart. So the skin of face and to apply the makeup brilliantly is the beauty secret of many celebrities.
  • Thick foundations give you the look of artificiality make your skin naturally glowing by applying moisturizers and exfoliate the dead cells so that the new ones grow easily. The pores of the skin should be tightened by continuous use of toners which maintain the PH balance of the skin as well blood circulation to the skin of face. Tomato pulp is the best toner.
  • To remove the age spots or any brown spots from the skin apply the 1tbs of lemon with 2tbs of honey and 2 tabs of plain yogurt. Gently massage at the each spot and after one week you will feel the difference.
  • Use face masked twice in a week to tighten the skin.
  • The dark circles under the eyes should be treated with cucumber slices or potato slices or with the wet tea bags.
  • For making the lips the fuller appearance add orange or red lipstick in the middle of lower or upper lip.
  • Do the manicure and pedicure treatment regularly.
  • Wear the nail polishes according to the trends and follow the techniques so that it will be smooth and the colors selected what is hot today.


  • The hairs are the best feature to accentuate your beauty. If these re shiny and healthy they have eye catching looks.
  • Use hair conditions after wash.
  • Trim them regularly to remove the split and damaged hairs.
  • Use the home or synthetic products to make them free from dandruff.
  • The coloring of hair is done with dyes that are compatible to your hairs without damaging the hairs.
  • The hair style chosen should be according to your facial features and your personality.
  • The professional hair stylist is selected to style the hairs.


  • Keep your body healthy as well as trimmed and slim.
  • First of all pay attention to your waist. It will be thin enough to give the shape to your curves.
  • Do aerobics and follow the diet plan to balance your calorie chart.


The beauty of the smile lies in the beauty of teeth, so to keep them white with the application of per oxide and baking soda.