Beauty Tips for Beautiful Cheeks


The importance of cheeks can not be denied in feminine beauty. According to the famous plastic surgeon DR. Francis Palmer that 75% facial beauty contributes to the cheeks. He said that the ideal beauty of cheeks is in full, round, and low face. But it is true to some extent that the ideal beauty is in the balanced facial features.

Only few of us have the natural glowing rosy pink cheeks. In the radiant beauty the cheeks have the key importance. To have the glowing cheeks there is the requirement of few minutes care. Here are few tips to have the glowing cheeks.


Each part of our body requires some exercise for acquiring the ideal beauty and activeness. Same is true with the cheeks.

Do the following easy exercises to make the cheeks glowing:

  1. In this you will fill your cheek with air and stay for some period. Repeat it for 10 to 15 times.
  2. Another exercise is that to fill the air on one side and move it to the other side of cheek.


  1. Take a large round brush to apply the blusher to the cheeks.
  2. Apply the foundation or concealed to remove any mark or spot at the cheeks.
  3. Take the blusher shade which looks natural and match with the skin tone not to leave red spots at the cheeks.
  4. Usually the blush is from same color family which the eyes make up and the lipsticks belong.
  5. Apply the blusher under the cheek bone if you have thin face and if you have round fluffy cheeks then apply at the cheek bone. Make smile and find the peak point of the smile. At this point you will apply the blusher outward toward the temple bones.
  6. If two shades are used then apply the darker shade first and then the lighter shade.
  7. If you have faired skin then apply the dark tone first and over it apply translucent powder.
  8. Make up of the cheek is also at that point which become pink when you come out after taking bath. It is the top cheek area that will glow after makeup.


  1. In spite of makeup the cheeks require the skin regimen care, do gentle rubbing of skin area at cheeks with some fruit or vegetable daily 10 to 20 minutes.
  2. Gently pinch the cheek at the cheek bone to brighten them whole day long,
  3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables for glowing skin at cheeks.
  4. Drinks lot of juices and water to keep the apples of cheeks hydrated.
  5. Think good and positively and keep on smiling it will definitely make your cheeks flushing.